Biddle and Bop

A few months back I had the opportunity to shoot and test out some products for Biddle and Bop - We ADORE everything! Check out the photos below, our favorite things about each item and links to the products.

These Bibbed Raine Pants are the best! We love that they are soft, keep water out, have stretchy straps * are able to be snapped in close under his arms. The Brollies and Blizzards: Organic Children's Long Sleeve Top is super soft, has nice stretch and he reaches for it anytime it's clean. We're also a big fan of clothes that are inclusive and not gender specific in this house, so this shirt is a perfect addition. 

The cutest, softest zip suit and hat on the planet. That is all. 

This is the coolest hat - has reflective fibers in the pom pom and a great geometric pattern. 

Penguins, ice cream cones & a sparkling lightning bolt is the best. Both items are soft, holding up well to washing and a great neutral.